ImgReview Features

ImgReview has number of cool features, let me show you some of them.

Add multiple images

You can add as many images as you want. So it's never been that easy to compare several images side by side.

Easy to add arrows and shapes

The main feature that caused me to develop this app. You can add different shapes and (of course) arrows to make your point.

ImgReview - Add multiple images
ImgReview - Easy to add arrows and shapes

Copy all

You can copy your whole work to the clipboard in one click and then paste it in any app of your choosing: gmail, slack, docs, you name it.


Add "human" touch to your work. Sketchify will add a bit of imperfection to your shapes, making it unique.

ImgReview - Copy all
ImgReview - Sketchify

Add emotions

You can easily add emojis. Also if you make them bigger, they will really stand out.

ImgReview - Add emotions